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Carpet Sanitization Service

What Kind of Products Should you Use to Thoroughly Clean your Carpet While Maintaining Its Texture

Carpet Sanitization Service

Cleaning carpets is a big nightmare as it needs to be cleaned regularly and cleaning means you will have to compromise with the colour and texture of the carpet It is very expensive, so it is not a  good thing if it becomes dull so early but Carpet sanitization is also necessary.

Carpet Sanitization Service
Carpet Sanitization Service

Why Cleaning Carpets in Necessary

  1. When guests come to the house, the first thing that they notice is your carpet. So it is like the first impression of your house.
  2. People often step on it with their shoes on. This brings soil and various types of dirt on the carpet.
  3. Pets and small children leave pet hair and stains on it which makes it dirty.
  4. The microorganisms present on it can be a source of various kinds of diseases.
  5. Carpet completes the look of the room, so dirty carpet can destroy the look of the whole room.
  6. Cleaning it regularly, with proper care and correct products also prolongs the life of carpets.

Now we know that carpet deep cleaning is necessary. But what about wear and tear caused by the wrong products! To solve this problem of almost every household, we are going to talk about the products which will clean the carpet perfectly while maintaining its texture.

Products That Should Be Used

Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. These are used as pre-spray which helps in easy cleaning of the carpet. It also helps in the removal of spots. 
  2. It is colourless and thus doesn’t affect the colour of the carpet.
  3. It also helps in removal of odour and bacteria.


  1. It is very effective in cleaning the carpet.
  2. It helps in cleaning pet urine, odour, vomit and faeces.

Synthetic Rinses

  1. This is acidic in nature and it neutralizes high alkaline chemicals found in cleaning products which makes the carpet safe for pets and children.
  2. It also removes leftover soil and chemicals.


  1. It is like an invisible protector of your carpet which saves it from dirt.
  2. It also makes the carpet easier to clean next time.
  3. It helps in the removal of stains.

These were the chemicals that can be used for professional carpet cleaning. However, there are limitations to the use of chemicals used by us. These can’t be as effective as the chemicals used by professions. Also, Professionals use more than one chemical for cleaning. 

PRECAUTION: These chemicals are used by professionals who know how to use it and how to handle it properly. Please don’t use it on your own as it can lead to hazardous results.


  1. Don’t rub stains harshly. It can damage the carpet.
  2. Every fabric is different and only the manufacturer will be able to tell which chemical will be best for the carpet. So, contact the manufacturer for the first finest results.
  3. Do vacuuming as frequently as possible. This keeps the carpet clean for a long time.
  4. Never use cheap carpet deodorizers as the damage the carpet.
  5. Dry the carpet properly after cleaning otherwise dust and stain will stick in it and there is a chance of fungal growth also.
  6. Clean the remnant of the shampoo/soap/powder properly otherwise it can spread diseases.
  7. Take the help of professionals as much as possible because there Chemicals and Carpet handling experience will give you the best results. 
  8. Never use Harsh products like bleach, it can badly damage the delicate fabric of the carpet.
  9. Don’t try DIY’s as they can spread stains more instead of removing it.
  10. The carpet rug Institute recommends that carpet must be professionally deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months for best results.
Professional Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Cleaning

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