Types Of Carpet And Its Effect On Cleaning

Do you know there are hundreds of variations as carpet features? Yes there are! And carpet cleaning ideas. Just with universal carpet cleaning, you cannot remove all the stains, odours and moulds from different types of fabrics. Because, different types of carpets need different types of carpet cleaning ideas and implementation. In fact, this is not just with different varieties of carpet and sometimes the same type of carpet fabric needs more than two types of cleaning.

In case, if you are new to the industry and looking for a reference or guide that lists different types of carpet cleaning, then we would love to help you. The carpet cleaning involves many different types of methods. So, evaluating the carpet first itself is important in order to get a shiny carpet. Hurry up and read below to learn more about types of carpet and its effect on cleaning. It is as follows:

Things You Should Know More About Types Of Carpet And Its Effects On Cleaning

It is probably a good idea to know and learn a little bit about cleaning the carpet yourself. In fact, for small issues you can do it yourself by following certain carpet cleaning ideas. 

  • Learn About Pile Types
  1. Cut Pile: Cut piles are like shag rugs which have loose strands at the ends. This helps in a softer formation of rug. These are generally found in residential homes. However, the downside of cut piles is their cleaning process. 
  1. Loop Pile: Loop pile is nothing but the strands in the material will be first looped together before sewing them into a basic material. Basically, they’ll have twisted, looped and sewn fibers. In fact, this will increase the durability of the material. You’ll find these carpets generally in restaurants or businesses. 
  • Cleaning Tips For Types Of Carpet Piles
  1. For Cut Pile: It mostly appears in homes because of its fluffy and softness. However, it can really be a challenge to clean them. Because, it can make vacuuming less effective due to the length of the cut pile. For example, you can consider imagining a high dense rug or traditional shag rug. Here, both of them have a longer cut pile and it is hard to deep clean them. Hence, you’ll not be able to remove debris and dirt. So, for effective cut pile cleaning, you have to vacuum them once or twice a week for sure. This is just to make sure to nor let the dirt sink into deeper layers. 
  1. For Loop Pile: Due to loop piles’ shorter and tighter fibers, they are much more easier to clean and also durable. You’ll get excellent results on steam cleaning the loop pile carpets. Moreover, this is the best carpet cleaning idea you can implement for loop pile cleaning. Because, as loop pile fibers are twisted, they can hold dirt, stains, excess water and many more stains. Therefore, steam cleaning the loop pile carpets for every 6 to 12 months can help increase the durability of the carpet. 
  • Types Of Pile Carpeting 
  • Cut Pile Carpeting: 
  1. Cable Cut Pile Carpeting
  2. Textured Cut Pile Carpeting
  3. Saxony Cut Pile Carpeting
  4. Frieze Cut Pile Carpeting
  • Loop Pile Carpeting: 
  1. Cut and Loop Pile Carpeting
  2. Berber Loop Pile Carpeting
  3. Pattern Multi-Level Loop Carpeting
  • How Materials Affect Cleaning
  1. Polyester: It is synthetic and you can clean them using chemical carpet treatments. In addition to this, cleaning using extraction equipment and shampoos can also give you excellent results.
  2. Nylon: To remove stains, use warm water along with cleanser and a drop of detergent. Furthermore, nylon material can stand up to even machine scrubbing and strong cleansers.
  3. Blends: Use only gentle method carpet cleaning ideas to clean these materials. Because, it can be a challenging task if you don’t know what type it is made of. 
  4. Wool: This is one of the materials, where you need gentle and safe methods to clean up. In general, you can mix warm water and white vinegar to clean them. In fact, this works better than chemical treatments. Note- Do not scrub wool material. 
  5. All-Natural Carpet: Best way to clean is to use warm water and blotting. Later, let the carpet dry naturally. 

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