To Do List Before Carpet Cleaning And Disinfecting Your House

If you have decided to get your carpet cleaned and ready for the visit of professional carpet cleaners. Then, before their visit, you need to do something. So that no problem comes up during the procedure and your carpet gets cleaned up properly without any hassle.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

So, here is the list which you need to do before carpet cleaning or disinfecting your home:

  1. Vacuuming: Vacuuming is a necessary part of our daily life hygiene. You should vacuum your home’s high traffic areas like the entrance. By doing this you will make things easier for the professionals to examine or start their work. They will be able to find out or examine dirty areas of your carpet. After examining they will clean those areas thoroughly to remove the dirt.
  2. Clear the drive-away or move your cars out of nearby parking spots: You should clear the drive areas near your home as the professional carpet cleaning needs to park their cars near your home. They carry lots of cleaning equipment in their cars. So, if you will get your drive area clear, it will be helpful for them.
  3. Pick up full-length draperies: Draperies soak moisture from the floor a lot and become heavier. So it’s better if you hang them somewhere up on the wall. By doing this you will help the professionals and will boost the process.
  4. Relocate the delicate items: If you have pricey things in your home like Chinese statues, vases, or lamps. Then, you should remove delicate or pricey items from the cleaning area. So that there will be no chances of damage. Carpet cleaners will also be able to work freely and properly.
  5. Relocate small furniture: Remove side tables or small chairs from the cleaning area, by doing this you will save time for professionals and things will be easier for them. As you have freed lots of trafficked areas the professionals will be able to clean the carpets more efficiently.
  6. Tidy the floor: If things like books, toys, or towels are resting here and there in your home. Then, please clean it before carpet cleaning, either any of them can get sucked up in the professional carpet cleaning equipment and your objects which you love can get damaged.
  7. Make a list: Before the visit of carpet cleaning professionals, you should examine your carpet on your own. So, when professionals will visit and examine the carpet you can spot the more stained or damaged areas to them, which will help them a lot.
  8. Quarantine your pets: While your carpets are getting examined or cleaned by professionals, do keep your pets away from the area by quarantining them. Either they can create a problem for professionals in carpet cleaning. And, also your pets can get uptight due to the cleaning equipment, so, it’s better that you quarantine them for a while.


So, these are some of the things you can do before carpet cleaning and disinfecting your home. If you follow this list then, it will not only make things easier for the professionals but also it will boost up the process and save your time.

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