Tips to clean upholstery chairs

It might sound a bit crazier to you that some people are really obsessed with their kitchen upholstery chairs. Even kids too. And they usually get dirty and messy by spillage of milk, water and other elements. Some people might have tried cleaning them using a stain guard but it doesn’t always help much. So in this blog, we will discuss the upholstery cleaning tips for chairs.

Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

Following are the cleaning instructions you can follow:

  • In the first step, you have to fill a bowl with warm water and some droplets of dish surfactant.  And you don’t need to use warm water if you are not applying a steam cleaner in the process. Moisten the microfiber cloth and damp the whole area that you are going to clean, scrubbing it expeditiously. Damp the whole area completely you are cleaning. Do it on all surfaces of all chairs fundamentally coated the complete exterior. And if you are cleaning a small area then make sure it doesn’t have a solid outer portion because it might leave water spots on it.
  • Lavishly sprinkle profoundly dirty areas or spots using the mild antiseptic.  wait for at least 15 minutes. Make sure you do it carefully on plenty of various fabrics, perpetually check on the fabric you are working on.
  • In the next step, you have to steam clean. You can try it using a scrubbing brush and a synthetic fibre cloth using squeegee adjuncts. If you are going to clean it thoroughly then it would be better if you go with the synthetic fibre cloth choice; Thought it is advisable to use the scrubbing brush all across the stained area and you will notice it will work greater to clean the edges as well. The cloth will able to soak up the extra dirt.
  • Move the vapour cleaner above the fabric in a lattice-like manner till all the spaces of the chair are coated.  Give more time on the profoundly tainted spaces and rub as required utilising both the scrubbing brush and a pad.
  • And in case you don’t have a vapour cleaner than you will have to use more strength to scrub the chair using dish surfactant and microfibre cloth. In case spots don’t extract then you will have to try hydrogen peroxide and scrub it over again.
  • Wait for it to get dry and your chair will look brand-new once again.
Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services
Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

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