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Steps To Clean Non-Slippery Tile Floorings

Tile and Grout Service

Whenever it is about tile and grout cleaning it is comparatively easy to clean smooth-surfaced tiles. But due to various safety measures, many people prefer to install non-slippery tiles. These non slippery tiles have a matte finish or are granular.  This helps to create friction between tile and foot when the water is on the floor.

But generally, non-slippery tiles should be preferred over shining and slippery tiles. But the cons of non-slippery tiles is that these tiles are very difficult to clean. the dirt get settles in the indentations of the tiles.

Given below are some tips you should know to clean non-slippery tiles with more efficiency than normal:

Things You Will Require To Clean These Non Slippery Tiles:

  • Short bristled brush
  • Floor scrub brush with a long handle
  • Any commercial cleaning agent with oxalic acid in it.
  • Broom
  • Water
  • Towels
  • Wiper

Steps To Clean These Non Slippery Tiles

  • Wet the whole surface with water which is to be cleaned. Make sure not to spill excess water than needed or it will be flooded.
  • To wipe off any loose debris or dust particles using a brush with long bristles. 
  • Take cleaning agent in powdered form and sprinkle it onto the wet floor. Water on the surface of the tiles will help the cleaning agent to seep deep into the surface of the non-slippery tiles.
  • But do not start scrubbing the tiles as soon as you sprinkle the grout tile cleaning agent on the tiles. Let it settle for 15 to 20 minutes. but also make sure during this time that floor does not gets dry. 
  • After 20 minutes use a long-handled brush to scrub the areas of non-slippery tiles that have rust or other stains,  you can also use a short brush for this process.
  • If you find any other stain which is very stubborn to be removed then you can choose the alternative cleaning agent.
  • After all these steps use a wiper to remove all the water from tiles. 
  • Use towels to let the tiles dry.
Tile and Grout Cleaning

Many other points must be taken care of before non-slippery tile and grout cleaning. Mostly all commercial cleaning agents are tested and are declared safe to be used on floor tiles and grout and are always advised to test them before using on your tiles.  

Ensure that your floor is wet before applying cleaning agent on the tiles for better results as water will help this agent to seat in the texture of tiles and provide you better cleaning of non-slippery tiles at home.

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