Naturally Deep Clean Your Carpets

Spring Cleaning Tips: How To Naturally Deep Clean Your Carpets

Naturally Deep Clean Your Carpets

It is the spring season of the year. Definitely, all you would have rummaged through various websites for spring cleaning tips. It is this time of the year where most of you think of cleaning your house. Then how can your carpets be ignored? Of course, carpet cleaning is also very important. Keeping the carpets clean is essential especially, after all the traffic and soil during winters. 

Carpet cleaning when it is too dull and dirty is actually a difficult task. However, it is necessary to clean it to avoid any more inconveniences. But if you are not sure about using commercial products on your carpets, then do not worry. We have got some natural ways to clean your carpets. Read along to know more about the natural deep cleaning of carpets if this is more of your cup of tea.

Some natural cleaning tips for deep cleaning of carpets before spring starts:

  • Make vacuuming the carpets your top priority: Always vacuum your carpets even if you do not see any dust. You might not know but germs and bacteria hide in the deeper parts of your carpet. Regular vacuuming keeps your carpets from getting darker and darker in shade. If not daily, vacuum the carpets once a week. This will ensure your carpets contain a minimum amount of dust and allergens. And we must say this is the best natural way of cleaning the carpets. Keep on vacuuming your carpets whenever it is possible. This will keep a lot of dust, dirt, and germs away from your carpet. Thus, it will help in reducing your stress of deep cleaning the carpets.
  • Get rid of all kinds of stains from carpets: No matter how neat and clean you try to keep your carpet, it ought to be stained. Stains cannot be prevented no matter what you try. On top of that, you do not always have the time to deal with each stain that comes your way. What you can do instead is use an iron. This is by far the most trusted carpet stain removal springtime hack. Spray a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water on the stain. Keep a rag on it and iron it for about 30 seconds. Repeat if needed and your stain will be gone. 
  • Always steam clean your carpets: Steam cleaning as you know is the most effective carpet cleaning method. Many professionals swear by this method of carpet cleaning because it helps in the deep cleaning of the carpets. You must have definitely invested in a good quality steam cleaner. So, just take it out and clean your carpets for fresh and clean carpets. But this time make sure to add equal parts of vinegar, water, and a few drops of essential oil (optional) to the steam cleaner. This hack works miracles to clean your carpet. If your carpets are very dirty and need more power for cleaning, increase the amounts of vinegar and water. 
  • Try to keep your carpets fresh: Always and always look forward to keeping your carpets fresh. Of course, no one loves their carpest to be dull, smelly, and dirty. For keeping the carpets fresh naturally, you can make your own carpet freshener. Mix a cup of baking soda with 15-20 drops of essential oil of your choice. If you have pets at your home make sure to add a spoonful of borax powder to it. Every time you vacuum your carpet, sprinkle this mixture onto it, let it be there for some time and then vacuum as usual. This tip definitely keeps your carpet fresh for a longer time. You just need to take care that you do it with a dry carpet.

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