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Best Rug Cleaning Company in Sydney

The rug is the thing which is very difficult to clean when it gets dirty and requires a lot of workforces, energy and time management for its cleaning. Managing these things is not an easy task for many of us. At Green Cleaners Team, we provide you with the best rug cleaning Sydney service in your location. Our professionals are well trained and have years of experience in rug cleaning services. Our professionals are certified green cleaners who tend to use eco-friendly green cleaning solution which is safe and healthy for your family. For booking our service contact us or meet us online for a quotation.

Dirty, dusty and stained rugs are so harmful to your family as it contains so many types of germs and bacteria. In some rare cases, dirty rugs caused death for a few children. So, compromising your family’s health is not a good thing. Hire us today for an expert rug and carpet cleaning service in Sydney. We are 24×7 hours available for you with lots of variety of rug cleaning service such as:

  • Steam & Dry Cleaning 
  • Stain Removal
  • Rug Deodorization & Sanitization
  • Mould Removal
  • Same Day Rug Cleaning
  • End of Lease Rug Cleaning

Rug Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the best cleaning for rugs according to expert cleaners. Steam goes deep inside in your rug’s fabric and kills all the germs and bacteria. Our experts use the latest cleaning technology for rug cleaning. Steam cleaning takes less time for drying as compared to hot water cleaning. We use the best eco-friendly cleaning solution for steam cleaning which makes your rug completely fresh and healthy. Steam rug cleaning will free your rugs from dirt, dust and stains and make it long-lasting.  

Rug Dry Cleaning

Rug dry cleaning is one of the best cleaning techniques for dirty and dusty rugs. Dry cleaning requires low manpower and takes minimal time for cleaning without using any heavy cleaning equipment. Our professionals use the best green cleaners which are used in the dry cleaning industry. We apply dry clean powder to your rug and then leave it for the required time. Then vacuum cleaner is used to suck up all the dry cleaning powder which contains bad debris, dirt, dust and harmful germs and bacteria. If you want to clean your rugs in a hurry, then rug dry cleaning is the best solution.

Rug Stain Removal

Stains make your beautiful rugs ugly. Stubborn stains like coffee, tea, juices, blood etc, are very difficult and irritating to remove. Our professionals have expertise in stain removing from rugs and have years of experience in stain removing services. We use only natural stain removers for stain removing process as they are safe and healthy for your rugs and family. We remove every type of stubborn stains like coffee, tea, juices, blood, wine, pet urine, etc whether it is dry or fresh. Green Cleaners Team is the leading stain removal service providers for rug cleaning Sydney.  

Rug Mould Removal

Mould is a fungus which grows on rugs and carpet when the amount of moisture is very heavy in its surroundings. Ignoring heavy occurrence of mould can cause different types of diseases like heavy skin allergy, asthma episodes, sinus congestion and other respiratory problems. Removing this from self can be very harmful to yourself. Call our professionals for mould removal service. Our professionals will remove mould from your rugs very easily as they have all the equipment and techniques and they will also ensure that mould will not come back again. 

Rug Sanitization

Pet urine, accidentally fallen food and heavy dirt and dust fill our rugs with a lot of germs, bacteria and tiny pests. Sanitization of rugs is very important as only upper cleaning is not enough. Sanitization makes your rugs germs and bacteria-free from deep inside and makes it safe and healthy for your family. Our professional use only natural germicides and pesticides for your rug sanitization. Eco-friendly disinfectants make your rug naturally and clean without damaging its fibres. Another benefit of using green germicides and pesticides is that you can use them on any rug fibre. Using chemical germicides can damage your rugs and break its fibres.

Rug Deodorization

Whenever there is an odour on your rug, it is very disgusting. There are a lot of things which makes your rug fill with an odour like blood, fallen food or beverages, dirt and dust etc. Living with these odours are very difficult. Green Cleaners Team hired the best professionals for rug deodorizing. Our professionals have experience of many years in rug deodorizing. They prefer to use only natural deodorizers for making your rug completely fresh and odour free. Natural and eco-friendly deodorizers tend to increase the rug’s lifespan. We are the leading and most recommended rug deodorizing service providers in your locality.

Why Choose Only Professional for Rug Cleaning Sydney?

There are so many reasons for choosing or hiring expert rug cleaning services.

Here are a Few Reasons Why:

  • Latest Technologies:

    Expert service providers have the best and latest technologies for rug cleaning. By using the latest technology and cleaning methods, they save your time and hard work for rug cleaning.
  • Good Impression:

    At sudden guest arrival or a family function, you can not manage your time for your rug cleaning. In this situation, hiring professionals for your rug cleaning is the best solution for your problem. Professional rug cleaning creates a good impression on the guests.
  • Police Verified:

    Today, most of the cleaning service providers are concerned about their customer’s protection. That’s why most of the professionals are police verified. It makes you relax from the safety perspective while having a cleaning service.
  • Money-Saving:

    Many professional rug cleaning service providers are providing their services on very low costs which saves your money without making any compromise with quality.
Expert Rug Cleaning
Expert Rug Cleaning

Why Hire Green Cleaners Team for Rug Cleaning Sydney?

There are so many reasons for hiring us. Here are a few of them:

  • Green Cleaners Team is the leading and most recommended rug cleaning service providers whether for domestic purpose or commercial purpose.
  • Use high-end latest cleaning technology and equipment for rug cleaning with the latest cleaning methods.
  • Our professionals are well trained and certified green cleaners and police verified which ensures both your rug’s and family’s safety.
  • Expert rug cleaning service is 24×7 hours available for you.
  • We make a bond of trust with our thousands of happy and satisfied customers with our best cleaning services.

So don’t wait and call now or book online for the best rug cleaning service in Sydney.


What can I expect from your rug cleaning services?

You can expect the best rug cleaning service in the whole of Australia from us. We are the leading rug cleaning service providers for many years and a well-known name in the cleaning industry. Over thousands of customers and clients are happy and satisfied with our rug cleaning services. 

Do I need to be there when professionals clean my rug?

No. you don’t need to be there when professionals clean your carpet as because most of the cleaning professionals are police checked before their training, so you can relax from the safety point of view. Also, the floating dust and mites present in the rug can cause you breathing problems if you are there with professionals while rug cleaning.

How should I maintain my rugs after the professional cleaning?

Regular vacuuming to the rugs is the best way to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your rugs after the professional rug cleaning. Make sure to clean your rugs from professionals in every 6 months or at least once in a year.

Can I get your rug cleaning service on the same day of booking

Yes, you can get our rug cleaning service on the same day of booking. We can reach your place within an hour of booking if you will book for the same day service.

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia