How to Remove Red Wine Stains Out of Carpet?

Red wine stains on the carpet? Okay, a new tension in the home. But it happens, everyone has experienced it at least once. That must be a scary moment when a glass full of red wine drops from your hand and falls on your luxurious, brand new carpet. And a remove red wine stain from carpet proudly marks itself as one of those stubborn stains which are difficult to get rid of. And if you don’t know the right way to rid the stain of the carpet, they can comfortably sit there for a lifetime. But, you know what? You can actually make your carpets free from these tough stains of red wine with a few simple ways. And like any other stain, these stains also need immediate treatment. The sooner you take the action, the easier carpet cleaning and removal process will be.

Red Wine Stain Removal

Here is The Complete Guide and Step-to Step Procedure For How to Red Wine Stain From Carpet

Using Salt

Step 1: Blot Up The Stain Immediately

As soon as, the wine spills on the carpet, act immediately and blot up the stain with a paper towel and absorb the liquid as much as possible. Make sure you blot the stain and not rub it. Rubbing the stain can work it set deeper into the fiber of the carpet and spread it. Which ultimately will make it more difficult to remove red wine from carpet. Start blotting the stain from its edges, moving into the centre. This is the best way to prevent the stain from spreading and making it larger.

Step 2: Dilute The Stain and Keep Blotting

When you find it harder to remove red wine stain from carpet, pour a little amount of cold water onto the stain to dilute it. Start blotting again, until that area of carpet is dried once again.

Step 3: Pour Salt Over The Wet Stain

Diluting the stain can remove a good amount of wine from the carpet, but not all of it. To remove the stain completely, pour enough amount of salt to cover the stain. The salt will absorb the moisture of the stain from the carpet cleaning in Brisbane.

Step 4: Let The Salt Sit For A Few Hours

Leave the salt on the carpet for several hours or overnight. The salt will turn pinkish in color by soaking the stain’s moisture. When the stain dries out completely, you can proceed with the next step.

Step 5: Vacuum The Carpet To Remove Salt

Scrap away the salt from the carpet with the help of a spoon. And use the vacuum to extract the fine granules. And celebrate your victory by successfully removing the stain from the best carpet cleaning Sydney.

Carpet Vinegar Solution

Alternate Method Using Vinegar Solution

Repeat The First Two Steps from the above step.

  1. Blot Up the stain Immediately as soon as the accident happens.
  2. Dilute the stain with cold water and keep blotting.
  • Make the Cleaning Solution: –

    Add 1 tablespoon of the liquid dishwasher, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water in a bowl. Stir the solution well to blend the ingredients.
  • Dab The Stained Area With the Cleaning Solution: –

    Dampen a clean cloth in the vinegar solution and dab it on the stain. The mixture will reach the carpet fibres and lighten the stain. Use a clean, dry cloth to dab on the stain and dry the treated area.
  • Pour The Cold Water Over The Treated Area: –

    Wet the treated area on the carpet with cold water to remove red wine stain from the carpet completely. Absorb the water with clean and dry cloth by dabbing on it.
DIY Wine Stain Removers

Other DIY Wine Stain Removers for Your Carpets.

To remove the red wine stains from the carpet you can follow these methods:

  • Club Soda:

    It is highly recommended to absorb the stain as much as possible then rinse the stain using club soda.
  • Rubbing Alcohol:

    It is recommended to dilute the stain using water and then use rubbing alcohol to dab the stain. Keep repeating until desired results are achieved.

When to Take The Professional Help?

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