Remove Nail Polish From Carpets

How to Remove Nail Polish Stains from Carpets?

Remove Nail Polish From Carpets

The removal of nail polish stains from carpets is very complicated. It is best to remove them as soon as possible from your expensive carpets. While removing nail polish stains you have to act patiently because they take a lot of time for a complete removal. The time of cleaning depends greatly on the amount of spilled nail polish and the type of carpet fibers. The removal method for nail polish stains is the same either for large stains or small stains.

Remove Nail Polish From Carpets

Remove Nail Polish From Carpets

For the Removal of Nail Polish Stains from the Carpets, you Need:

  • A nail polish remover (particularly transparent nail polish remover)
  • Soft and clean white cloth
  • Diluted dish-washing detergent in water
  • A sponge

A Process of Removal of Nail Polish Stains from Carpets

The process of nail polish stain removal is carried out in the following steps:

  • Use of Spoon or Butter Knife

    Removal of nail polish stains from the carpets

    Removal of nail polish stains from the carpets

    If the nail polish spill is still wet, try to remove gently the stain as much as you can with a spoon or a butter knife. Try not to spread the nail polish stain further around the corners of the stain.

  • Blot Using a Soft Towel

    Take a soft towel and let the stain blotted by that. Try not to rub the towel on the stain as this will spread the stain. Press the stain with a downward pressure by rolling over your fingers across the stain. Let the process continue until you find no more color transfer on the towel.

  • Use Acetone or Nail Polish Remover

    Remover Nail Polish From Carpets

    Remover Nail Polish From Carpets

    Soak a piece of towel with nail polish remover or acetone. Keep rolling your fingers over the stain. Continue the process and use new clothes once the previous ones absorb too much of the nail polish in them. Try to use different orientations while removing the nail polish stains. In this way, you will get the fibers and the base of carpets clean effectively. This is undoubtedly a time-consuming process. Yet you have to do the cleaning process patiently to yield the best results.

  • Use Dishwashing Liquid

    Take a sponge and soak it in the mixture of dishwashing liquid and water. Now sponge the area of the stain. This helps in flushing out the remaining nail polish remover from the carpet.

  • Blot Using a Paper Towel

    Use a paper towel to blot up the solution. For better absorption, let the paper towel stand for a period of time.

  • Fresh Water to the Rescue

Now repeats the steps o. 4 and 5 with fresh water.

  • Dry the Carpet

    Nail Polish Remover on the Carpets

    Nail Polish Remover on the Carpets

    You can use a fan to dry the carpet or let your carpet air dry.

  • Using Window Cleaner

    Still having trouble with nail polish stubborn stain? Window cleaner can be a choice to get nail polish removed out of carpets without leaving a mark. Get window cleaner from the market – we recommend – Jif’s Glass Spray – spray it on the stain. Let it get in for a few minutes then gently wipe the cleaner away with a clean cloth soaked in cold water. Just like nail polish remover, you should spot test before using window cleaner on rugs or carpets. To get the work done in the best way, you can book for Best Carpet Cleaning Brisbane service from Green Cleaners Team.

Some Precautions:

Be careful while using nail polish remover on the carpets. If they are using in excess it can damage the glue in the backing of the structure of carpet that will cause its delamination. It is important to perform a spot test before using any chemical directly on to your carpets. In case the color of your carpet damages after cleaning, call the professionals right away for help.

It is good to be able to practice DIY methods at home to treat different stains deposited on your carpets. But if you find some hard kind of stains deposited on the carpets that are difficult to remove at home, feel free to contact the professionals for cleaning your carpets. Avoid doing the experimentation with different chemicals to remove stains. It is best to hire professionals for Cleaning Service.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services-

Remove Nail Polish From Carpets

Remove Nail Polish From Carpets

Professionals are the right people to consult in case of all kinds of spots and damage to your carpet. They have enough experience and expertise to take care of even the toughest of stains efficiently. While you can do DIY methods but more often than not, they are time-consuming and also require a lot of efforts. Hence, it is best to consult professionals for the same.

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