How To Remove Ink Stain From The Carpet?

Ink stains are one of the stubborn types of stain which could happen on the carpet. To remove the ink stain on carpet one needs to be persistent and determined so that the stain will be removed completely. Ink dries very quickly and once it’s dried, ink turned into a stubborn stain, which needs huge hard work and scientific approach to getting clean.

Carpet Ink Stain Removal

Here, you’ll Read About How you can Remove Ink Stains from The Carpet Using Natural Ingredients.

Carpet Ink Stain Removal Using Rubbing Alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol has the property to loosen the bond of ink so that it’ll easily get detached from the carpet surface. In order to start with, see if the stain is wet if it is, use a cloth and dab the stain, try to absorb as much ink as possible. Then pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol directly on the carpet, use a cloth and keep dabbing, the stain will become lighter over time and disappear. You will start seeing the result after 10 minutes of continuous work.

Hair Spray For Carpet Stain Removal.

Hair-spray is best to ink stain removal carpet. It drops a layer of complex chemicals which dissolves the ink and cover it with a protective layer of grease. Which helps in removing the stain easily, use a cloth and blot the affected surface with stain, apply the hair spray directly. Once the stain is gone, vacuum the carpet so that all the mess can be cleaned.

Carpet Ink Stain Removal Using Acetone.

Acetone is also a powerful substance for carpet ink stain removal, in order to remove the stain using acetone. Take the cotton ball and apply a few drops of acetone, then wipe the stain using the cotton ball. The stain will slowly start to disappear, don’t use too much acetone, it can cause discolouration. Once the stain is gone, clean the area with mild soap and warm water and let it dry.

Carpet Ink Stain Removal

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