How to Remove Chewing Gum from your Carpet?

Almost everybody likes chewing gums but very few of such people care for its proper disposal. Chewing gum which is not disposed of properly can leave a very dirty mess. It can stick to a surface and can become very hard to remove all the while keep on collecting dust. And if by accident it gets stuck to your carpet, the situation can be a big challenge and if you are not able to remove it, hire Professional Carpet Cleaners to prevent any damage to your carpet. Chewing gum can be very hard to remove, but if you act immediately, it can be removed.

Remove Chewing Gum From Carpet
Remove Chewing Gum From Carpet

This Guide will Inform you About the Ways in which Chewing Gum can be Removed from the Carpet.

  • Using Ice: –Chewing gum is very sticky and elastic which makes it very difficult to remove if it get stuck on a carpet. A good method to remove the chewing gum from your carpet is by using ice to cool it. Cooling makes the chewing brittle and reduces its stickiness. Put some ice cubes in a ziplock bag, put the bag on the chewing gum stuck to your carpet. After some time remove the gum using a knife carefully, remove any other leftover of the gum and clean with warm water.
  • Using Natural Oils: – Using natural oils or essential oils is a good method of carpet gum removal. Natural oils can reduce the stickiness of chewing gum helping in removing it. Pour some natural oil directly on the stuck gum. Let it sit for a minute. Now using the knife scrape off the gum. Using warm water, wet a rag and clean the area. You can also mix dishwashing detergent with warm water for better results.
  • Using Commercial Solvents: – There are several carpet gum removal solvents available in the market. You can use such products for easy chewing gum removal. One of such solvents is Methyl Salicylate. This solvent will dissolve and disintegrate the gum, use a knife to remove the gum. Clean the spot with warm water and a paper towel.
Carpet Gum Removal
Carpet Gum Removal

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