How to Get Cat Pee Smell Out of Carpet

No doubt that we are all in love with our soft and furry rugs and regular cleaning maintains their original quality but just imagine if you have a pet will pee on your carpet and even after thousands of washing its unpleasant smell is still part of carpet. How did you feel? Obviously, you will get frustrated from the musty smell; moreover, all your hard work will go in vain which you did to preserve the carpet. Pet like cats create more problems than other pets because cat urine is absorbed by rugs, so it is quite difficult to remove its stain because it is almost invisible and dealing with the smell of urine is more challenging. But you don’t need to worry as luckily, nowadays there are plenty of options to mop up the nasty smell without even replacing the carpet.

Cat Pee Smell Out of Carpet

The good news is not only professional cleaners can remove the smell even many household methods are also very effective as using vinegar is the best method because vinegar itself is natural product so, it reduces the chances of damage. We should try to avoid many myths regarding cleaning of rugs because in the end of the day they will destroy the quality of carpets.

Effective Methods to Remove The Cat Pee Smell

There are few methods mentioned below which will for sure helps you in mopping up the nasty smell.

  1. Use Enzymatic Cleaners:

    Enzymes are biological catalyst that will enhance the rate of reaction without even participating in it. Generally, enzymatic cleaners are made only to remove the mess of pets. These cleaners have special types of enzymes which eat the urine [rupture the content of urine] and left with the smell less and stainless carpets. Enzymes cleaners are available in liquid as well as in spray form so, you can purchase according to your viability.
  2. Use Specific Carpet Cleaners Solutions for Pets:

    Markets are crowded with many disinfectants but you have to select the solutions which are specifically made for pets. Many professional cleaners used solution which is only for pets, so, you should hire professional cleaners or you can ask for solution from carpet installation techniques. These solutions also contain enzymes to neutralize the urine.
  3. Use of Hydrogen Peroxide:

     Hydrogen Peroxide is the universal cleaner  which is used to clean almost every house hold product from hardwood floors to the knop of doors, it is effective, even sinks and countertops are also get cleaned by Hydrogen Peroxide but very few people aware that it is also effective in cats pee. It will oxidize and instigate the urine to break itself naturally. You have to only pour the solution above the urine and left it at least for 5 to 10 minutes and then wipe it or clean it with water.
  4. Combination of Soda and Baking Soda:

    This is purely house hold remedy which is quite effective in removing the stain as well as smell. This is a two-step process as you need to wipe that effected area with soda first then left it to dry and then sprinkle Baking soda on it and leave it for few minutes.

You Can Ask for Professional Help:

There are uncountable methods to remove the smell and stain but if anything doesn’t work out in that case you should call for Professional help as they did a great job to get rid of urinated smell as well as from stain. Professional has experience, products and equipment which are required for perfect carpet cleaning in Perth.

Hire Pet Stain and Odor Removal Specialists

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