mattress Stain Removal

How to Clean Odour and Stains from Your Mattress

mattress Stain Removal

The mattress has the potential to receive all kinds of body fluids and bacteria while getting in use. So, it is very important to clean your mattress as per its requirements. For better cleaning, you must hire professional cleaners once a year. Professionals have appropriate experience and tools to remove nasty stains.

Keeping the mattress fresh and clean is not an easy task when you have kids or pets in your home. In that case, professionals will help you. Several causes can make your mattress stinky. After all, you spend most of the time by laying on them. Here are some effective ways by which can clean your mattress like a pro.

mattress Stain Removal
mattress Stain Removal

Six Effective and Useful Tips to Keep your Mattress Clean and Germ-Free

  1. Vacuum your Mattress-

    Vacuum your mattress thoroughly and remove dust, dirt and keep it dust-free. Vacuumed or cleaned mattress also improves indoor quality while staying dust-free. You can also apply a dry cleaning method or call specialists to get mattress dry cleaning services at your place. This will keep your mattress dry and germ-free.
  2. Use Baking Soda to Remove Odour-

    Sprinkle the powder of baking soda and let sit it for overnight. Baking soda will absorb moisture and bad odour from the mattress. So, apply it on your mattress for removing the bad odour or smell. You can also use the borax powder in the same manner for removing stains or odours from your expensive mattress.
  3. Mattress Deodorization-

    If you are getting the bad odour from your mattress, put it in the presence of sunlight. By applying this process, you can get rid of smell because sunlight has the capacity to remove the unnecessary smell from anything. This will definitely work and will protect your mattress from the germs or bacteria. You have also the option of leasing our experts for mattress deodorization.
  4. Use Vodka to Treat Bad Odour-

    Use vodka on the affected or stained area as you applied vinegar previously. Vodka is also a helpful ingredient and will work as mattress stain removal. It can eliminate bad odour from your mattress. It will neutralize the smell of your mattress and will protect it from the bacteria or germs.
  5. Make Homemade Cleaning Solution-

    You can also make your own homemade cleaning solution by using vinegar, liquid cleanser and water. Mix all ingredients into a spray bottle and shake well. Then, apply directly on the stained area and leave it for a while. Clean it with a water damp cloth. This will remove the excess of bad odour from the mattress. Do not forget to dry up the mattress. To get extra information about mattress cleaning, you can contact our professional mattress cleaners. 
  6. Keep your Mattress Dry-

    Humidity could be the main reason of mattress’s sweating that can cause bad odour. So, use a dehumidifier to dry and remove the bad odours from your mattress. Keep your fans on and let your window open for circulating the fresh air.
Expert Mattress Stain Removal
Expert Mattress Stain Removal

Points to Remember

  1. Avoid wild scrubbing because it can make your stain deeper into mattress texture. Work gently.
  2. Keep your children away while working. Vinegar can be dangerous for your skin.
  3. Wear hand gloves while removing stains with vinegar and borax powder.
  4. For old and deep stains, hire professionals. If you hire professionals, you can get your work promptly without any mess.

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