You Need To Steam Clean Your Carpets

How Often Do You Need To Steam Clean Your Carpets?

You Need To Steam Clean Your Carpets

It is very important to clean your carpets. Not only to get rid of the dirt and debris but to also keep up with your hygiene. Unclean carpets can form mould as well as be home to nasty bacterias. These bacterias can be very harmful to your health. Although everybody talks about the importance of carpet cleaning whereas nobody knows how often to steam clean your carpet.

The answer to this question is that it depends on your lifestyle. Each family has a different way of living that is why their cleaning needs are also different. However, in general, it is recommended to professionally clean your carpets every 12 months.

There Are Differences In The 12 Month Rule According To Several Scenarios Like

  • If You Have Children: When you have children at home, it is obvious that your carpets will have way more traffic. Children run around your home all day long which can make your carpet very dirty. Also, do not forget that kids spill a lot of food. As well as they bring their friends for a play date and end up making your whole house dirty.
    Moreover, children do not sit still and they run in and out. Which can bring even more dirt in your house from the outdoors. So, it will not be surprising if you will need to call a professional every 9 months for Carpet Cleaning Service.
  • If You Have Pets: Pets spend most of their time in the house. They also roam around your house all day long. And do you even clean their paws after a morning walk? This can bring even more dirt indoors. Moreover, untrained and old dogs often pee on your carpets.
    As well as they shred a lot of hair which is stuck in your carpet with all the dirt and debris. So, it is better to get a professional cleaning service like Green Cleaners Team every 6 to 8 months when you live with pets. Steam cleaning will not only sanitize your carpet but it will also get rid of the pet smell from your carpet.
  • If You Have A Carpet Warranty: Do you have a carpet warranty that you are willing to preserve? Then you should check the paperwork of your warranty. Because many warranty carpet manufacturers mention that you should get your carpets cleaned at least once a year to preserve your warranty.
  • If You Live Alone: When you live alone, it’s rare to get your carpet dirty. Unless you are a very social person and invite a lot of people to your home. If you stay alone most of the time then you may need professional steam cleaning every 15 months. But of course, there are exceptions like a sudden spill.
  • If Your Rental Agreements Demand End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning: Most of the landlords mention the end-of-lease carpet cleaning in the rental agreement. This means that you will need to call a professional to steam clean your carpet every time you shift your apartment. As well as whenever your lease comes to an end you will have to professionally clean your carpet in order to get back your security amount.
Carpet Steam Cleaning Services (2)
Carpet Steam Cleaning Services (2)

Is It Time To Call A Professional To Steam Clean Your Carpet?

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