Common Bacteria Found In Household Upholstery

Common Bacteria Found in Household Upholstery

Common Bacteria Found In Household Upholstery

The furniture present in your house can bring a feeling of comfort and warmth out, especially after a long day. When the cold season arrives upon the cozy blankets on-hand, is easy to kick back on the sofa and be relaxed. You may be thinking about the dirt, debris and dust present upon your upholstery items. As time passes your upholstery items such as leather couch can be a breeding ground for a variety of harmful bacteria, which can lead to different types of sickness and allergies.

Common Bacteria Found In Household Upholstery
Common Bacteria Found In Household Upholstery

The Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services in Brisbane can help your place to get rid of these harmful germs in your house.

Let’s have an Eye on Some of The Common Bacteria that can be Found in The Upholstery of your House. 

Bacteria to Be Found on Upholstery 

When you have detected these bacteria in your house with the help of the experts, then you need to get rid of the germs as soon as possible. This is because it is important for you to live in a safe and carefree environment for the well-being of your family. These germs can affect the quality of air present in your house and make you prone to many harmful diseases. In addition, your upholstery items will also get damaged and make you feel ashamed in front of other people. 

Staphylococcus Bacteria 

The upholstery cleaning services provider has found that this strand of the bacteria can lead to approximately all types of health issues which include cellulitis (i.e. skin infection), stomach pain and even pneumonia.


That bacteria which is found in the Pseudomonas family is usually the dangerous type of bacteria, it can grow in multiple environments, which include your upholstery items. The common illness that is associated with these bacteria is an eye infection, headaches, ear infections, skin irritation, and fevers.

Upholstery Cleaning Services
Upholstery Cleaning Services

Aspergillus Versicolor

It is the type of mold that can grow on your upholstery items such as leather couch very easily. This type of mold gives the musky odour and is known to cause the throat, eye as well as nose irritations. This form of the mold is commonly found indoors. 

Be The Lucky One By Hiring Our Services 

Luckily, the Green Cleaners Team experts have the perfect solution for the fabric couch cleaning and provide you a healthier home and environment to live. Yes, we have all the ideal solution and chemicals that are purely non-toxic and safe for your family and pets as well.  We do not use any type of harsh chemicals, detergents, or soaps for the upholstery cleaning process. Instead, our experts clean deep below the surface for removing the stubborn spills as well as stains and the chemical is also safe for the fibers of your upholstery items whether it is synthetic or any other soft fibers. So, in any case, if you have any holiday mishap or the accidental stain on the upholstery surface, then need not worry we always have your back.

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